Sun, 26 Jun 2022
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All can accept UCP600 transferable DLC's acceptable to the mine owners.

All are willing to facilitate non-transferable DLC between buyer and mine owner.


Our policy with all contracts is to obtain supplies of maximum 100,000 to 200,000MT per month from any one mine. This guarantees supply in the event a problem arises (machinery breakdown, inclement weather or the like) at any time, from any mine. It becomes unproblematic to substitute coal from another mine to keep deliveries on schedule.


  • Quotations are strictly FOB MV (Free on Board Mother Vessel) basis, 
  • CIF Shipping can be arranged as required but generally the shipping contract is separate from the coal contract or a CIF facilitator is introduced between the Buyer and the Mine.
  • Contracts are generally from Buyer to Mine. In some instances we will appoint or accept an intermediary for the Buyer and Mine, 
  • L/C types may vary. Typically we require Irrevocable Revolving 100% at sight. In some instances Transferable may be requested, 
  • We do not supply SPOT sales and only deal with minimum 12 month contracts with quarterly review, 
  • We endorse for the security of all parties that contracts allow the first month shipment on a trial basis followed by the full contract terms, 
  • Our prices are firm and NON NEGOTIABLE.

Australia International Investment Holdings Group Ply Ltd.
Contact Details
All have an open line of communication to assist you with your needs or queries. We can be contacted at:
Australia International Investment Group Pty Ltd Level 2, 24 Hercules Street ASHFIELD NSW 2131 AUSTRALIA

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